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Hello and welcome to the CCM blog.  There are so many exciting changes happening in the telecom and IT world today that it makes our heads spin.  And we like to talk about how it affects us, and how it affects businesses like yours, so we will be sharing it all right here with you.  Please leave a comment – we would love to have your feedback, comments and ideas for our website and for future newsletters.Read more

Microsoft – End of Life

You may already be aware of this, but ‘End of Life’ is coming for the following Microsoft products.  These products will no longer be supported by Microsoft as of April 8th, 2014:

        Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Excel, Outlook)

        Windows XP

        Microsoft Exchange 2003

Without Microsoft support, you will no longer receive software patches, technical updates, or security updates for virus, spyware, or malware, that protect your PCs and network from harm.

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Cloud Service – VDI (Virtual Desktop Integration) & Daas (Desktop as a Service)


Hosted Virtual Desktop Integration (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are very similar Cloud services, so we aren’t going to try to define them.  This blog will just try to point out some of the benefits to moving your desktops and/or proprietary data to a secure and redundant server on a provider’s network.

The most compelling benefit to moving your desktops and/or data to the Cloud is if you have employees who travel, are out in the field, work from home, or simply want to bring their own devices.  If your information is housed in the Cloud, and someone loses their laptop or iPad, your proprietary information won’t be available to the person who finds it.

Old slow computers will be much faster in the Cloud, so computer upgrades don’t need to be done as often, and they don’t need to be high end models.

Your iPad can be used just like it is a regular computer – imagine running Windows and Office Applications on your iPad!!!

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Service Provider Highlight – RapidScale

RapidScale offers the ‘Next Generation of Computing’ and brings the ultimate solution to the business world, from health-care, education and government to real estate, finance and insurance.  They are a global leader in cloud computing solutions – you can get your applications anywhere, on any device – Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop, Zero Client, and more.  RapidScale offers a full line-up of cloud services to extend the power of the ‘Next Generation Computer’ like Desktop, Office, Server, Recovery, Share, Mail, iApps, Apps.

With RapidScale, CCM’s customers are able to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs without changing the way they do business.



There are many Telecom and IT services that you can put in the Cloud.  In general, all that the Cloud means is that the product or service you are using is being provided (or hosted) at a secure facility or data center, rather than you housing the equipment and/or data at your own site.  I believe that we’ve all used Cloud services at this point.  Online banking is a Cloud service.  Streaming a Netflix movie is a Cloud service.  Maintaining a ‘wish list’ on a website like Amazon is a Cloud service.  In these cases, you are manipulating data via someone else’s secure server.  Choosing the Service Provider to house your data is critical, and this is where CCM excels! Read more

Service Provider Highlight – Evolve IP

Evolve IP is all about the Total Customer.  Their services were designed from the outset to provide customers with a unified option for Cloud services.  CCM recommends Evolve IP for virtual servers, virtual desktops, disaster recovery, hosted IP PBX, unified communications, storage, applications, and more.   Read more

Service Provider Highlight – Megapath

MegaPath is expanding their Ethernet portfolio with asymmetrical speeds to give companies a true business class alternative to cable services.  Their offering is low cost and high bandwidth like cable, but includes SLA’s and QoS.  Being the largest Ethernet over Copper (EoC) provider in the U.S., MegaPath now is co-located in over 700 Central Offices.  EoC service is available with speeds up to 135 Mbps, in all 50 major metropolitan U.S. markets.   Read more