At CCM, we believe your telecom products and services should work hard FOR YOU, providing powerful solutions and maximizing your business’ potential. We are committed to ensuring your business better communications, incremental increases in communications ROI, and superior service.

CCM offers a wide range of business communication solutions for every business need. Below we have listed the primary services businesses request, but if you need something not listed below, please contact us. It is very likely we can help you.

Broadband, MPLS, Cable – Access the most cost efficient and robust networks available to keep your business connected. Through a variety of reliable connectivity options, CCM will design the appropriate solution based on your specific needs, so you never miss a beat. Read more…

PRI’s & Dynamic Circuits – Through CCM, you can tap into the best voice providers in the industry, no matter what your requirements are. Offering local, long distance, WAN and more, your business will stay connected with the latest  voice solutions available. Read more…

Cloud Services – Take your business communications to new heights with cloud services from CCM. Affordable, flexible, and scalable, cloud communications solutions can give your business new-found freedom while reducing its attachment to expensive equipment. Read more…

Conferencing – Maximize your virtual meeting experience and enable more efficient business communications with a conferencing solution from CCM. Plan and execute virtual meetings through audio, video and web conferencing while reducing the time and expenses of business travel. With CCM, you’ll receive secure, interactive on-demand reservationless audio, operator-assisted and web-based conferencing services.

SIP – Not quite ready to get rid of that PBX? With SIP Trunking, you can amplify your legacy PBX system and extend its life while tapping into all the features and benefits of high-quality digital voice technology. With flexible, affordable SIP Trunking services, we raise the capability of your current IP PBX equipment and allow you to maximize your phone capabilities over a reliable Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Telecom Expense Management – At CCM, we know how much of a hassle it can be to deal with the headaches of managing multiple vendors, invoices and other telecom issues. The good news is you can “outsource” all those headaches to us, leaving you with only one reliable contact to call, who represents YOU. And more often than not, we find savings for customers in billing errors and other inaccuracies that save them thousands in yearly telecom expenses.

Traditional Telecom & Internet –  While CCM provides your business with all the latest and greatest in advanced technology, we also provide all the standard services you would expect from your telecom service provider. We at CCM know dynamic circuits, T-1’s, PRI’s, POTs lines, and good old fashioned long distance services like the back of our hands.

Unified Communications (UC) – UC solutions are designed to increase your team’s efficiency, since they enable multiple devices to interact seamlessly. With options such as voicemail to email, voicemail to text, mobile to desk phone call handoff and many more, all your devices will act as one and share information across platforms.

VoIP – Voice over IP (VoIP) services frequently reduce telecom and data costs since both services utilize the same pipe (Internet, T1, Cable, etc.).  VoIP also  allows telecom and data devices to integrate with each other in new ways, increasing the efficiency of your business communications.